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    • Sleep Deeper & Relax Better 
    • Occasional Metabolism by up to 400% 
    • Helps Promote Healthy and Balanced Cortisol Production & Reduce Stress 
                     Enhance Overall Mood 



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Shoden® is a patented and scientifically-tested and purified extract of the Ashwagandha plant that has been shown to:

  • Helps promote healthy and balanced cortisol by up to 27.9% in otherwise healthy but stressed humans.†
  • Helps promote healthy DHEA and testosterone levels already within the normal range.†
  • Increase of up to 42% in restorative sleep and recovery.†


A NEW thermogenic powerhouse that works mind-blowing wonders for fat-burning results by:

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  • Amplifying and accelerating results of exercise.†
  • Helps to convert ugly fat into good brown fat.†
  • Supporting healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range.†
  • Helps to Increase fat oxidation.†


A 100% natural, patented, and pure Grains of Paradise extract that will help:

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  • Occasional metabolic rate by up to 400%. 
  • Elevate daily caloric-burning potential. 
  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range of blood sugar levels for less fat storage. 


Zylaria™ acts by calming down the central nervous system, giving the body and mind a sense of relaxation and bliss. It helps to:

  • Increase GABA: the natural calming neurotransmitter.†
  • Reduce the time to fall asleep.† 
  • Reduce Increase sleep duration. Sleep better and longer.†


Melatonin is a neurotransmitter mostly known for its ability to:

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  • Regulate sleep.
  • Naturally improve your circadian rhythm.
  • Improve your overall sleep quality.